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Pioneering Ventures
at a Glance

We are a team of investors and entrepreneurs based in Switzerland and India, organizing, deploying, and growing capital to catalyse the transformation of under-served India through industrial-scale ventures, delivering sustainable financial returns with solid governance and verifiable social and environmental impact.
Our company is in the process of building India’s most comprehensive agri-food platform consisting of vertically integrated and technologically supported agri-food businesses. Our platform enables us to build strong core competences across the value chain and create synergies between our portfolio companies.
Our compliance with global standards, strategic foresight and local execution capability make us the go-to company for many co-investors interested in participating in the Indian growth opportunity and global corporations strategically intending to grow their footprint in the Indian market. We are committed to create sustainable and verifiable social impact among the farming community and other stakeholders along the value chain in an environmentally responsible manner.

Key Principles


We respect all living beings
and their environment


We strive to create sustainable
positive impact


We continuously look for better
ways of doing things


We always do what we know
is right


We listen carefully and communicate
things as they are


We are committed to building ventures that
create a better future for India


Accelerate the modernization of rural India through best-in class ventures


We are on the path of building India’s most comprehensive agri-food platform, modernizing supply chains and its adjacent sectors while generating attractive financial returns in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. We are fully committed towards rural India, its people and communities and have a blueprint to uplift its undeserved sectors.

Our platform enables us to build strong core competences across the value chain and create synergies between our portfolio companies.